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Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have observed a deep-sea octopus brooding its eggs for four and one half years—longer than any other known animal. Throughout this time, the female kept the eggs clean and guarded them from predators. This amazing feat represents an evolutionary balancing act between the benefits to the young octopuses of having plenty of time to develop within their eggs, and their mother’s ability to survive for years with little or no food. Although long-term observations of deep-sea animals are rare, the researchers propose that extended brooding periods may be common in the deep sea. Such extended life stages would need to be taken into account in assessing the effects of human activities on deep-sea animals. In any case, this strategy has apparently worked for Graneledone boreopacifica—it is one of the most common deep-sea octopuses in the Northeastern Pacific.

Close-up of the egg capsules in December, 2010

Empty egg cases, October 2011.

  • Reference (Open access): :Robison et al. 2014, Deep-sea octopus (Graneledone boreopacifica) conducts the longest-known egg-brooding period of any animal. PLoS ONE 9
  • video: MBARI

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Roma midfielder celebrates goal with grandmother



AS Roma midfielder Alessandro Florenzi earned the greatest yellow card of all time on Sunday.

How, you ask?

The 23-year-old celebrated his goal against Cagliari with his grandmother… in the stands! Watch:




258 days I seriously cannot wait that long.

I’m going through withdraw like Pls help

You’re so mean Tumblr



258 days I seriously cannot wait that long.

I’m going through withdraw like
Pls help

You’re so mean Tumblr

Boys wear skirts to class to protest trans girl's "dress code violation"


At Colégio Pedro II in Rio de Janeiro, a trans student named Maria Muniz was fined for wearing a skirt to school. In protest, boys AND girls decided they would all wear skirts to class on the same day.

Shortly after, the school overturned their original decision to punish Maria. They also said they’ll consider relaxing the school dress code.

"For me, wearing a skirt was about expressing my freedom over who I am inside and not how society sees me," Muniz told Orange News.

"I am really happy about the way my classmates supported me and hope it serves as an example to others to feel encouraged to do the right thing," she added. "I was always taught at school to accept who you are. I am only trying to live that."

100% yes. A++. 

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This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE

I will never not reblog this. So accurate. 

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